Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Homework is fun!

Homework is fun, especially if it is the Japanese way.

A while ago we had a writing homework to do, in Japanese. The homework was to describe specific scene and write about them from different point of views. Here is the scene of our last homework:

It was fun, yeah. But never an easy task. At the end, we sure learned alot!
Creative, eh?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Lines.. why?

Do you see the lines on the ground appearing in this picture?

Why are they there?
This is a public hospital in Tokyo. Why would they draw lines on the ground?

Can you think of a good reason?

Ok I will answer you now.

Lines in this hospital are everywhere, and in every color. Lines simply connect offices together. So when you (or the ill 70 years old man) come to an office, they process your papers and then just tell you "Please follow the red line and submit your papers there". Or "Please follow the yellow line and wait on the chairs there until your name is called"!!

Yes. No more giving directions. No more turn right, turn left, or search for a desk or window. Just follow the line. As simple as that, and convenient for the majority of hospital visitors: ill people!

"شوف يابا. بتاخذ أول دخلة على ايدك اليسار أيوه أيوه عند بياع القهوة. بعدين ثاني يمين ها مش أول يمين! يعني بتترك أول يمين تبع الحلاق و بتاخذ ثاني يمين عند مطعم أبو الفول. امشيلك أبو ميت متر بتلاقي دكانة أبو أحمد الخضرجي. اسأله وين دار أبو ابراهيم و هو بدلك".