Saturday, 10 November 2007

Its shinjuku..

Dont make the mistake I made, and think to walk from side to another in Shinjuku. It took us 30min to walk through the station only. A station that needs 30min of walking? hmm, lets see:
- Hussein to Shmesani takes 20min walking.
- Side to Side in the Jordan University takes 10min.

Can you imagine it now? Imagine Alhussein + Shmesani and Al-Abdali to be just a STATION! train station!! thats shinjuku station. According to wikipedia, its the second largest station in the world. 3.3 million people use that station every day!! WOW!!!

I was not really amazed when I first saw shinjuku, the city. I thought shibuya was bigger and more beautiful. Not until I saw the southern exit of the station, where it leads to one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. HUGE buildings, WIDE streets, and LOTS of people.

In shinjuku, which means "the new ward", you can find malls, department stores, restaurants, stores and shops. Actually you can find more than one branch of the same shop in shinjuku! Once I planned to meet friends of mine infront of Sakura-ya, the electric shop. After 1 hour of waiting, I discovered they were waiting infront of another Sakura-ya place, that has at least 5 or 6 branches just in Shinjuku.

I wish I can live near that place. But, its too expensive even to dream about it.. :(