Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ueno: the downtown of Tokyo

People get surprised when I tell them that I have been living in Japan for almost two years, and yet I still did not visit Ueno! But that is the truth, at least until last week.

This weekend, I finally visited Ueno, and I was surprised.

Ueno felt like Amman's downtown. Shops are scattered on both sides of the streets, where shop owners yell calling people to visit their shops, just like what happens in Amman's downtown. Shops are small and barely fit a person or two, while most of the items are stacked outside the shop itself to give a chance for passing people to buy.

There was a huge fish store in Ueno, which is actually closer to Okatchimachi. In that store all types of fish, some that I have never seen in my life, are being sold. The experience was new for me and fun to see this many types of fish. 

The great part was the suprise that many shops in Ueno sell arabic spices and goods like Hummos and Fuul. The prices were fair, eventhough they were a little bit more expensive than the prices in Saitama.

Ueno was a fun experience. If you still did not visit it, I advice you to do so ASAP.

I will leave you with the pictures.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sorry for no-blogging

Dear readers,

I apologize for not updating my blog so often.
I am going through a critical period, study wise, and I barely have time to eat or sleep.

I thank my wife for all her support during this very tough period.

I promise you all that I will be updating often very soon, once I pass the couple of deadlines I have.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

A scream from Tokyo: Stop killing people in Gaza!

A mixed group of Japanese and non-Japanese raised their voices asking for the very basic human right, the right to live, to be given to people of Gaza..

Let the whole world know who the terrorists are...