Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ueno: the downtown of Tokyo

People get surprised when I tell them that I have been living in Japan for almost two years, and yet I still did not visit Ueno! But that is the truth, at least until last week.

This weekend, I finally visited Ueno, and I was surprised.

Ueno felt like Amman's downtown. Shops are scattered on both sides of the streets, where shop owners yell calling people to visit their shops, just like what happens in Amman's downtown. Shops are small and barely fit a person or two, while most of the items are stacked outside the shop itself to give a chance for passing people to buy.

There was a huge fish store in Ueno, which is actually closer to Okatchimachi. In that store all types of fish, some that I have never seen in my life, are being sold. The experience was new for me and fun to see this many types of fish. 

The great part was the suprise that many shops in Ueno sell arabic spices and goods like Hummos and Fuul. The prices were fair, eventhough they were a little bit more expensive than the prices in Saitama.

Ueno was a fun experience. If you still did not visit it, I advice you to do so ASAP.

I will leave you with the pictures.


wesam said...

But it looks much cleaner, brighter and more beautiful than downtown Amman, and it looks like the women have no problem going there unlike most women here...

Lynxo said...

I have to disagree with Wesam.

First of all, Amman is one of the cleanest capitals in the world, and in Tokyo you can surely find dirtier places than any place in Amman you would consider as dirty.

I love Tokyo and I love Amman, and I am gladly capable of enjoying both cities to the maximum, by focusing on the positive sides of each city.

Women having any problem going to down town Amman is a huge misconception, and has been popularised by the West Ammani's that don't go to down town, either because they have no business there, or they prefer more posh upper-class polished sites found in West Amman.

The only place where any female relative of mine felt very comfortable going to in Amman, without feeling monitored or scanned, was down town, and not West Amman.

Please note that my remark applies to women and girls with various dress codes that you can find in Amman these days. (except the very provocative ones i.e. girls you can see on Melody TV) :)

Kanji_chan said...

LOL! I went yesterday and it exactly felt the way you described it.
There was a 3ammo selling kastana and yelling sthin like :"ta3al w jarreb a7san kastana bel balad!" and he gave us some to try.. I thought I was in Jordan for a moment.

What's more amazing is that I have just seen this post.
Is it the go-to-ueno season or what? :D

subzero said...

Thank you. It really felt like home there.

You are correct, but only some places of downtown are clean. Others are the total opposite. Dont you think?

Is it the season? lool maybe!
There you can buy lots of familiar stuff, fuul, hummos, cheap olive oil and spices.
Kastana is amazing. You really made me want some!