Tuesday, 10 February 2009

iKnow.. Do you know?

After hitting my head against the wall for several days for not knowing about this before, here I am carrying to you one of the best news ever for Japanese language students.

iKnow is a free Japanese language teaching website that provides great tools and techniques to help you improve your Japanese. iKnow will help you increase your vocabulary not only for conversation purposes but also gives you a good helping hand in memorizing Kanji and building complete sentences. iKnow is suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced students as well.

iKnow is divided into three main sections:

1. iKnow study:

iKnow study helps you in studying new vocabulary and memorizing them. iKnow gives you a chance to select your current level in Japanese and starts with you from the point where you think suits you best. This section will help you memorize around 6000 words and phrases along with their kanjis.

As shown in the pictures below, this section first starts by introducing the new word along with its Kanji, voice pronounciation, type and meaning. Then, the program puts this word in a useful sentence, along with the sentence's pronounciation and meaning while being pronounced in voice with fluent Japanese. After you memorize a couple of words, the program will start testing you and checking if you really memorized the previous words, or not. I can no more explain this, you have to see for yourself.

2. iKnow dictation:

This section improves your listening skills along with your writing skills. A sentence, which you already have learned in the previous section, is introduced and you are asked to fill in some blanks. To do so, you have to listen to the sentence a couple of times. The picture below shows iKnow dictation.

3. iKnow BrainSpeed:

This section is like a test or a quiz for all information you have learned in the previous two sections. Its fun and can help you realize how much this learning was useful to you.

After knowing about this program, I have been using it and it totally helped me improve my Japanese and Kanji collection. You have to try it too. Try it, and post your comments about it here.


Blue Rose said...

subzero you really made my life easier ;))

This site is REALLY great!! it really helps memorizing words with their corresponding kanjis very quickly !!

Everytime I memorize new words and kanjis I start looking around me in the train in order to try to read some adds!!

And yes,for me, it also needed a head hit against the wall, after spending so much time to memorize as much words and kanjis as possible!!! eeeh it is now much easier!!

prometheus said...


you are a bless
hontouni arigatou

subzero said...

Thank you.

This service is amazing!
Ganbatte ne!

Kanji_chan said...

(Finished hitting my head against the wall)
That's a treasure website!!! Thanks alot sanado saaan!!