Thursday, 16 August 2007

More to come.. after the critical period..

Im sorry for not posting often. I am living a very critical period study wise and a HUGE challenge is up ahead of me so soon.

Enshallah after I finish it -successfully enshallah- Ill be back into posting.

Thank you all.


ukyou said...

Subzero san !!
Do your best! InshaAllah you will finish and recieve flying colors!

then i am looking forward to you new posts:D

mata ne

Samer said...

I'm sure you'll fair well. They don't just choose anyone.

Allah ywaf2ak.

Ukyou-sensei, you are also in a hectic period I believe. I also look forward to your new posts soon!

Anonymous said...


muzukashikoto o shite imasune!
gambare! エビれ!


Kanji_chan said...

Entrance exams period! do ur best!
sanado san nara daijoubu!( ^_')b
ouen shiteimasu yo!!Waiting for the good news! :)

DaWoUd said...

Assalam Alayka,
EnshaAllah you will Succeed ;)

KHM said...

We all trust your abilities bro, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

sorosoro test desune.
ganbare! ebire!!


Kanji_chan said...

Critical period はもう終わったでしょう。合格おめでとうございます!何かをポストしたくないの?たとえば、Goodnewsのことを(^_^)y

Anonymous said...

hii ya man

really nice blog <-- shert 3leha embare7 :)

good luck we keep going

take care
Mhd. kettaneh

subzero said...

hey kettaneh san,

thanx very much! and u r welcome anytime :)