Saturday, 20 October 2007

a Lecture about Lectures!

".. so, as you can see scientists are having problems in this side of the equation. If you want you can make this your master thesis and do your research about it. This will help this field alot because we need someone to solve this problem.. "

You can hear the above quote many times in one lecture in Tokyo University. The lecture is actually research oriented. The lecture is there to help you do your research, not to give information. They know information can be known and read from books. So the professor is there to guide you in your research and help you create something new and mark your name in the work. Its amazing how they make use of every minute in the lecture. A flood of new information every lecture are delivered in a way that is very organized and helpful. Great!

Also as a Master student you will have to read lots of papers and official publications and discuss them. That will totally strengthen your knowledge in your field.

They also start from the upfront. They started to talk about 1TB hard-disks to explain about some kind of electronics. Its really fun to connect the lecture to the up-to-date technology so the student can have ideas how to point his research to upgrade the recent technology. I also attended a presentation that talked about processors being developed and will be released in 2011 at least. FANTASTIC!!


Kanji_chan said...

Now that's amazing!( ^_')b

subzero said...

yup! too much!

Anonymous said...

Thats great.. unfortunately in arab world, only old materials are being given to students as notes..they dont care to update students with latest technologies, unfortunately, this creates a gap between us and the developed world..

thanks subzero for the nice topic ::)

ukyou said...

Subzero san!

I hope you have a great journey through resrearch. It is nice to know that you will have a hand in developing some of the leading edge technologies that we will be using in the future.

hasna said...

that's really nice.
we still learning about 8086 intel processor,
and the teacher says: "32-bits adderss & data buses which are in windows are not in our interests now!"

maybe after 10 years we'll start to learn about pentium processors!

how fast!?

Kanji_chan said... least you are learning about an "intel" processor. For me, we dealt with the Motorolla 86k in most labs and courses..and once we had a small introduction about the Z80.
Now i hear about a plan to change into intel processors.(yea sure! just after i finished these courses :s )..i wonder what processor they dealt with about 5 years ago:p..mesh b3eed ykon el 4004 :p :p

hasna said...

to reach late is better from not reaching at all...
anyway, we must search by ourselves and study subjects beside uni materials if we want to improve:( that if we found some extra time!

Anonymous said...


how are your days?
do you enjoy your study?
what are you doing?

hope you enjoy.