Sunday, 15 June 2008

Welcome Blue Rose..

"What? Information about Japan as a society, a life and a whole another culture. Why? To help those who are interested in getting as much information about Japan as I can provide. How? Directly from inside the heart of Japan, Tokyo."

That is the goal of this blog.

Japan as a society, from a new perspective, is the new addition to this blog. Japan, from the feminine perspective, is the upgrade to my page.

Blue Rose will be writing here and helping me blogging about Japan. She looks at Japan from the perspective of a female, a new comer, a Civil Engineer, a resident and a housewife. That is why I am convinced she will enrich this blog with her useful and important posts to help in achieving the goal stated above.

Welcome Blue Rose, welcome my wife.


Summer said...

Congratulations! you got married without any previous notice! hope to read from blue rose and find out more about japan too...enjoy life!

Hareega said...


momiji said...

Blue Rose san no post wo otanoshimi ni shite imasu^^

Administrator said...

Mabrook, I am waiting for your posts Blue rose. This is my blog with some muslim friends (we are all women), take a look please:

Kanji_chan said...


subzero said...

Thank you everybody..
Enshallah BlueRose will be posting soon..