Thursday, 9 April 2009

First paper published..

In short,
I will be leaving to Prague, Czech Republic, very soon enshallah.
Through my research, I have reached to an equation that relates *cough, cough, Technical details alert* the noise in a wireless signal with the digital processor used in the receiver. I submitted this equation as a scientific paper to the 12th IEEE (Insitution of Electrical and Electronic Engineering) Symposium on Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Systems (DDECS) and it G O T A C C E P T E D!

I am so happy for such news. But, I could have never reached such results without the absolute full support of Tokyo University. They have provided everything starting from laboratory equipments ending with supervision by the professors. In addition, Tokyo University will be paying for the whole trip expenses I have to make to Prague to present my research infront of the world's scientists. I thank my god for giving me a chance to study in such a University.

Ofcourse, this full support in the University could have never had an effect except if I had another full support at home. My wife, may god bless her, has helped me all the time and always gave me the confidence I need to reach such results.

I will be detailing more about the trip soon.


momiji said...

That's great subzero san!
Masha'allah you deserve that!
Good luck in your trip!
Allah Yuaf2ak ^^

Jaraad said...

Thanks for not boring us with the technical details of your work :-) I am just kidding. For a graduate student to hear that his paper got accepted is always a treat. Insha'Allah, for more papers to be published.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations :) Mashallah 3alek, you deserve it.

ukyou said...

Super awsome news!!

Nothing out of the ordinary for our Space emperor!


Kanji_chan said...

Have a safe trip and let the world know who toudaisei's are! :D
I'm interested! & will appreciate it if you send me a copy of the published paper whenever convenient m(_ _)m

subzero said...

Thanx everyone!!

I am posting this from Praha (Prague). I will post more details soon enshallah once I am back to Tokyo.