Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Microsoft support, with Japanese flavor..

I am not a fan of Microsoft. Or at least, I think Micorsoft should only concentrate on designing Windows, and office. They should leave the internet for google, the gaming hardware for Sony, and the desktop sets for Logitech. Anyhow, they usually have competitive pricing so I get tempted and buy.

A couple of months ago, 9 to be accurate, I bought MS wireless ergonomic desktop 7000. Shown in the picture. The price was right and since at home I usually use the keyboard while on the couch, I needed something to well fit my position. I can say I am satisfied.

The story begins when, as usual, MS hardware started to fail. After almost 6 months of daily usage, the keyboard stopped responding. I did everything from reinstalling drivers up to changing the batteries, and I got nothing. This totally blew me up. I paid some good money on this set and I expected them to live 3~4 years at minimum, and they did not live 12% of that period.

It was time to try and taste how customer support really works. I know for a fact that if this happened in Amman, then kiss your money goodbye since no shop will still identify you as a customer after 6 months. So I wanted to see if things go different in Japan, or rest of the world or not. According to my friends with experience in returning items in the United States, they confirmed this should be as easy as driving to the store and replacing the keyboard with a new set. I liked the idea, so I called microsoft support center in Tokyo for more information.

Eventhough I still have far-from-perfect Japanese, I was easily able to call them and tell them my problem, and hear what they have to say, all in Japanese. They offered to give assistance in English, but I refused. If I can understand 70% of what you say, they why not make use of the free practice! They understood my problem, but I did not exactly understand what they wanted me to do. They said I do not really have to come to the store, as I only have to send my malfunctioning keyboard by mail. I liked that idea, thanked them and hanged up after giving them all my information.

I could not send the keyboard for being totally busy in the lab. Three days later, my door bell rings. I open the door and its a mail from Microsoft. A big box. I open it, and its a totally new keyboard set, just like the one I have. I was shocked. I did not send them my old keyboard! This was totally surprising for me! They sent the whole package with a new mouse, eventhough my old mouse is working fine. With the package, they had a massage saying please send your old keyboard to this address. This kind of service, was totally new experience for me. Right now I had two keyboards, and I could have ran away with the two of them and gained some good money selling the mouse! On another hand, what if I called them lying about my problem, and my keyboard was just fine? How did they make sure I had a problem? How are they guaranteed I would send back my keyboard? That is something I did not understand!

Ofcourse, two days later I sent the keyboard back to Microsoft, and as they detailed in the massage, I asked the post office to make Microsoft pay for this delivery.

My new keyboard now works just fine, and I like it. I am now confident if I had any problems, it wont be a problem! This was a very nice experience.


Qwaider قويدر said...

Losing YOU as a customer costs companies more than the price of a replacement. Even if it wasn't necessary. That's why. Besides, you just gave them two thumbs up, which might be better than a TV commercial that didn't get them a single customer.

Kanji_chan said...

>"They should leave the internet for google, the gaming hardware for Sony, and the desktop sets for Logitech."

Very well said!!

Nice post.
When we talk about such a giant AND in Japan..then this is the least thing they can do~

Sultan Khanfar said...

Did you send back your old mouse too?

subzero said...

Qwaider san,

Very true. With such support, I think I will be buying MS products more often.

I totally agree.

Sultan san,
Ofcourse I did! Eventhough I liked the idea of having two mouses like those!

Quest said...

Looks like you've got yourself a new reader :) Japan just registered more deeply in my mind, good job!