Saturday, 29 August 2009

Khawater from Japan..

MBC's TV show, called Khawater خواطر (Thoughts) is a program presented by a Muslim youngster called "Ahmad Shuqairi". It's the fifth year for the program to be broadcasted on MBC, and this year it talks about Japan.

Through the previous four years I liked that show a lot, as it talks about how to be better Muslims by applying the Islamic rules in our daily lives. My wife and I were watching it episode by episode every year. This year we were surprised that Ahmad-san will be coming to Japan to present his program, and talk about Japan as an advanced country which could successfully mark its name among the best in the world. The program asks one main question "if they could do it, why cant we?".

The way Ahmad-san talks about Japan is really great! It is very similar to how I talk to my friends about Japan, and in some cases he used the exact same words! To be honest, even though I like the guy so much, I was disappointed and mad to know he was in Tokyo and yet he did not even try to contact Muslims there. I would really have done anything to talk to him and help him go around Tokyo, in addition to giving some thoughts about the program.

Its an amazing show presented by an amazing guy. Its on the top of my recommendation list.

Here is a video for the first episode. (Sorry no translation).


Blue Rose said...

The program is just AMAZING!! every season is a separate glowing story of success! Jazahom allah khair..

Khawater 5 made me notice that we became very used to those stuff in Japan in a way that we even forgot to write about some of them! I think we should start a new writing session; may be one day it will help others learn from the Japanese unique experience.

Kanji_chan said...

Agreed!!!! Sometimes I feel like writing a post about each episode! ..and Ahmad san is presenting these facts in a really great way!
I wish all people would see and benefit from it!

um sheyma said...

KHAWATER IN JAPAN is amazing programe,Ahmed is amazing and educated with his thoughts for showing us japan and leting us know ourseilves as we muslims.thanx Ahmed may ALLAH BLESS U WITH ALL YOUR GOOD THOUGHTS AND BLESS U IN EVERYTHING U DO.WISH U ALL THE BESTTTTTTTT.

subzero said...

Have you seen the one about the "Health Engineer"??

That made me shiver for a couple of hours!!!

Saemon 左衛門 said...

You are quoted here, but it says you are Tunisian!

subzero said...

Thanx Saemon-san for the heads up!
I commented there to fix the mistake.