Monday, 5 May 2008

Golden week: Zoooooooooo!

And its the golden week! The golden week is a long vacation in Japan which people use to have fun and spend their time here and there. Greenery Day, Children's Day and Emperor's Birthday are some of the reasons why such vacation exists in Japan.

As for me, I made use of that vacation to design a QPSK modulator using VerilogHDL...

Oh ops! Thats the part where I was day dreaming of the golden week! When I finished that work I went with my wife for a full day of fun. First, we met with the arabic neighbors in Ueno park, and had fun there. After that we went Ueno Zoo! I was so surprised to see it inside the park, did not expect it to be there.

In the zoo we spent an amazing time. Watching the Gorillas, Lions, Bears and Foxes was amazing. It was my first time seeing a Bat for real. And because my wife never saw those animals in her own eyes, it was an amazing experience for her as well.

After the zoo, we went to the usual place. What usual place? A K I H A B A R A! Its time for my periodic visit, to check things out and buy some more wires. Some people started to call me the wire man because they say I have lots of wires in the house. I dont believe I have much anyway!

I will leave you with some photos from the Zoo...


Kanji_chan said...

oo! that's great!:)
Well Ueno zoo is always a big option in the golden week..but I am not so much interested in zoos~ .. but I have to go there someday since its famous! (Just to say that I went to ueno zoo ^^;)
Today was my golden DAY. I think I'm gonna blog about it tonight.

Anonymous said...

you were lucky to be able to see the "non-sleeping" animals!
when i went to zoo the most main animals like lion panda bears and so on, they were sleeping and never move.
and i could imagine how R-san was happy and enjoyed with her lovely face! say hello to her.
a propos, omedetou! i posted before to say that, but it was not sended.


subzero said...


Very smart as always!

Thank you very much. I wish to see you soon and invite you to our house to eat some Tabbuleh..

Anonymous said...

S-san, YOU are very smart! to marry with R-san now. i agree with you. you love each other and practically it must be the best way to avoid your difficulties of your life in japan. and also, for me, as her japanese teacher and friend, i feel happy that she is now in japan and we can meet in japan!

arigatou for your invitation. do you know, I LOVE TABBULEH SO MUCH!!
but, now i'm still in morocco. i will back to japan in summer. i hope to see you in summer.


subzero said...


Thank you very much. I am so happy R-san accepted me, and I am glad she is feeling comfortable and happy in Japan. I am trying my best to keep her smiling.

Because I know how much you love tabbuleh, I invited you. And enshallah in summer you will visit our house and we will enjoy delicious meals together.

Anonymous said...

sorry I have one question.
I love Tabbleh too but isn't it a bit expensive if you try to make it in Japan?

I mean, the Italian parsley sold at Japanese supermarkets isn't as cheap as in Jordan.

Majority of supermarkets in Japan only sell very small portion of Italian parsley in a tiny package at the "imported herb" section.

Where do you buy such a large amount of the Italian parsley sufficient for Tabbleh? I would love to know because I want to make it myself!

Before I bought a small portion of Italian parsley at a supermerket but it was far from sufficient for making Tabbleh.

Thanks for your help!!

subzero said...

Anonymous san,

Do u live in Japan? If so why u r keeping a secret identity?

We buy the parsley from a vegetables shop near our house. It is sold in large quantites and 250Yen r enough to make u good amount of tabbuleh.

Becareful though that parsely im talking about doesnt exactly look like the one sold in Jordan. It has kind of a round shape.

Hiro said...

Yes, I live in Japan. I haven't met you in person but I'm a fan of yours!(don't be scared..only on the blog of course). Call me hiro but I hope you won't confuse me with another Hiro san..

It's nice you can buy the parsley at a reasonable price.
Maybe the parsley you buy from the nearby shop is the curly leaf parsely that is common in Japan.
I love flat leaf parsley(=Italian parsley), but it is very expensive as I wrote and rare.
Is the taste ok even if you use the curly leaf parsley??