Saturday, 26 April 2008

Japan.. In a new perspective..

I used to be alone in Japan. Being lonely is something you have to accept when you study abroad, in any country not only Japan. Since you are a student you will have to spend a huge time behind books reading and studying. And even if you have fun with friends, you will end up alone with your books again.

Well, not anymore!

I can now state the fact that I got married. Yup! I did the big thing and now my wife is living with me in Japan. That has totally changed my life. Goodbye for loneliness, Hello company!

Getting married was a decision made after lots of thinking and equation solving! It is not a matter of a fast desire or a quick decision. I needed that for many many reasons. First, living alone as I stated above can be devastating. Second, the huge need to focus on my studies leaves me tired as hell at the end of the day. I needed someone to be there for me. Third, I am 23 and in my thoughts this is the best time and age to get married, for anyone. Fourth, I totally could not tolerate cleaning and arranging the house after a long tiring day in the lab.

So here it is. Japan from the perspective of a couple instead of a single. Japan, as seen from the feminine point of view.

Its been almost 2 months since I got married, and I can for sure say it was the right decision to make in the right time. Thank god.

More details and news to follow.


momiji said...
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momiji said...

Omedetou Gozaimaaaasu ^^
بارك الله لكما و بارك عليكما و جمع بينكما بخير
yappari subzero san desu, you always come with surprizes!
Okusan wa nihonjin desu ka? Arabujin desu ka?

Kanji_chan said...

おめでとうございます ^^

Dragon Hunter T said...

مبروك عقبال ما نشوف
SubZero Jr.

A.Q.J said...

well, what can i say except [congratulations from the bottom of my heart]
allah yahneek ya rab.
and lets more about you. ;)
p.s. i think too u did the right decision.

Kanji_chan said...
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Anonymous said...

You can't just delete comments as if they never existed...!! Sanado-San!

subzero said...

anonymous san,

Sorry I had to delete the comments due to requests.

Anonymous said...

masha'Allah. Odemetou!
بارك الله لكما و بارك عليكما و جمع بينكما فى خير