Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Back, after a LONG vacation...

I am so sorry for not writing since a long time. I have been in a very long vacation. Alot has happened since then. I will update you with the news very very soon. I promise you I will write at least a post once a week from this moment on.

G O M E N N A S A I~~~!! (^_^;)


Abdel-Qader said...

salamo 3alaykom,
i'm glad i'm 1st to post :D
it's nice to hear from you again, and i hope u had a very nice vacation ;)
looking forward to see more posts here.
keep going.
o allah ykoun ma3ak.

momiji said...


Kanji_chan said...

what does "very very soon" mean to you? :p
matteimasu yo!:)