Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Amman and Tokyo are Synchronized!

Well, at least SNOW wise!

The view is all white from the balcony of my new house. Its amazing..
Now I am feeling what people in Amman are feeling. Sweet.


Anonymous said...

It was no joke then, You actually are in Japan

Kanji_chan said...

The snow was awesome!
Don't you have pics for this post? T_T

subzero said...


It was too cold to go to the balcony to take pics! =(

Saemon said...

It is good that your new apartment has a balcony.

Kanji_chan said...

I think Tokyo went out of synch this time XD

Anonymous said...

Its true when they say the world is small..

I was surfing the net and I dont know how I found this site..I read further and saw couple of pictures and saw your name..thats it. I knew its you

I remember hearing about Japan in your talks and presently your are there..

Did you guess who am I?

I noticed couple of anonymous leaving you comments but I am not one of those although I knew about you for a while but I decided to write you a comment now.

Did you guess or not?

Are u finishing your masters soon? Or it's going to take you a while before you get back home in Jordan?


In any case,
Best of luck

P.S I hope you recognized me Sanad

subzero said...

anonymous san,

Yup, I know who u r.
Lets talk by emails.

Anonymous said...

If your latest msg means that you have recognized me, then how about sending me an email?

This way I will be sure that you have actually known me.

I will be waiting

Multifuncional said...

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Anonymous said...

please let me know your life now.
really, long time no see, no post!