Saturday, 5 January 2008

Forget the Toilets, its SHOWER time!!!

Do you remember my post regarding Toilets? I was really amazed back then from what I saw. Well not anymore!!!

As I mentioned earlier, I am moving to a new house in Misato. A very traditional Japanese house on a 4th floor, giving me a very beautiful view of the scene around. When I checked the bathroom, before renting the house, I was sad I could not find the amazing famous Toilets! But since the location, space, neighborhood are all great, I decided to rent.

Yesterday I spent my first night there. No internet connectivity, nothing to do. Well, lets take a shower, I thought. And that was the beginning of the adventure!

Stepping inside the bathroom I noticed the bath tub is kind of deep and has an electrical device INSIDE (down there where dirty water is supposed to exit)! On the side I noticed a control panel similar -but bigger- to the one of the amazing toilets. I also noticed electrical wires going inside and outside the shower ending in an electrical plug. There are also the gas pipes in a corner.

I plugged in the wire to hear a soft noise from the shower. The control panel went ON. After playing with it for 10min, I discovered the big secret of the amazing shower....

1. There is a button to automatically fill in the tub. Whenever I press that, water starts automatically to a height that I previously adjust. Once the specific height is reached, the water stops.

2. Ofcourse I can control the temperature of water using the same control panel. Deadly hot to freezing cold.

That was amazing. I filled in the tub 75% and dived in. It was a real sauna that I enjoyed so much. Or maybe it was a Japanese Onsen!

The problem was, after spending 1 hour there, water started to get colder. It took me so much time filling in the space and that was dissapointing!!! Well, at least until I found out what that button does! With one press on the panel, the bath tub itself starts to get hotter and hotter. While the electrical device on the button starts to shoot very hot water to adjust the temperature. 3 minutes later, the water is as hot as before, so is the bath tub!

No I was not alone. I had a man's best friend with me in there: Nintedo DS Lite. Spending 3 hours playing the Legend of Zelda, Advanced wars and Winning Eleven.

I for sure know that this is a standard for Jakuzis, maybe nothing even compared to that. But to know that this kind of a bath tub is available in a normal Japanese house, all my friends in the area have the same tub built-in in the house, and for this to be the standard showering corner for Japanese houses, now thats amazing!

Still, the panel had more buttons. Maybe I will discover them next time! :p


Summer said...

It is amazing indeed!!! i want to move there too!
maybe when you come back and settle in Jordan you have to ship one of those baths and toilets with you! :)

Chaos said...

i checked ur blog it's just awesome!
ur writtings r so interesting, i read a topic, then another, then i went back to start reading the blog from the beginning from the first post, i read one after another, then i got surprised to realise that i finished reading the last post, i read all the posts at once!! i was amazed, i really enjoyed reading
japan is my dream now :)

subzero said...

Thank you summer-san.

Chaos-san, Glad you liked my blog. I do update once a week. Contact me by email if you have any notes :)