Thursday, 24 July 2008

Yokohama, 150m above the ground..

This is how I have seen Yokohama the other day. Sitting on a chair, just a chair with a belt, and as high as 150 meters I was looking down to see the city of Yokohama and its surrounding area. It was sooo scary!

The above happened as a part from our trip to "Yokohama Sea Paradise". It was an amazing day full of activities. Yokohama sea paradise is a park built on an island. It is full of attractions and sea museums, which means its a perfect place for families to enjoy their time.

It was a very stressful time for me, the past month. Huge amount of work and deadlines, with many achievements. So we decided to do such a trip. Since our trip was in the middle of the week, the park was amazingly empty. We, me and my wife, did not have to wait in line for hours like what happened in Disney Land. Actually, we did not even have to wait minutes in line! We used to finish the game, and directly start another round because actually nobody else was there.

To arrive the park at around 10am, we had to actually leave the house at 7! Once we arrived I bought 2 unlimited pass tickets, which allow us to play as many as we want and enter all the museums of the park. And then, we directly headed to face the danger: The Surf Coaster..

Ofcourse, after the ride we had no energy left to say a word! I had a feeling our families in Amman heard our yelling while we were on top! We decided to ride the viking ship which was comparably sweeter and less dangerous.

Now is the time for the big challenge, the Blue Fall. The blue fall game is one high tower, 150m high, that you can climb up to the summit by sitting on only a chair! once you are that high, the chair goes as fast as it can. The rise takes around 30 seconds, while going down needs around 6 seconds! To be honest, I hesitated, not once, not twice, maybe ten times before I take the decision of riding the danger, and... I did it..

The view from above was AMAZING. Ofcourse, I am talking about the one and only second I was able to keep my eyes open! Going down that fast was a unique experience. It was just amazing!

We had to release our stress from all the challenge and danger we face, so we headed into the Aqua Museum, where thousands of fish can be watched. The aqua museum actually takes you under water and lets you watch sea animals from above. The blue color, my favorite, was just perfect.

We ended our tour in the museum with the Dolphin show. Very fun and exciting. We were amazing how they could teach sea animals to do such moves. Really it was some unforgettable moments.

We spent the rest of our time moving between attractions one after another. We rode a boat in the sea and went around the whole island, we visited the dolphin museum and we spent time walking on the beach and looking at the sea.

At the end of the day, we were unable to even walk. It was one of the best days of my life. Thats the least I can say about it.


BrennanMoy said...

OMG! Blue fall looks like fun! I wish that had something that big here in NY.

- T

Anonymous said...

Damn! How could you get on all the rides above? I would not have made it alive :|

Sounds like you had a lot of fun though.

Love the Aqua Museum :)

momiji said...

Seems very interesting^^
If we compare this amusement park with one in Amman we will notice that there is no such a difference, .... well, except that every game in picture seems 10 times bigger and higher than the one here ^^

Aqua Museum, hontou ni SUGOI DESU!
Subhan Allah...

kireina shashin wo itsumo doumo arigatou!

Anonymous said...

yokattadesune for your great experience!
and you are very lucky not to wait on the line.
and, i suppose that sea side was less hot than tokyo,saitama...

hontou ni atsui desune!!


hafida said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It is really a nice place.

subzero said...

Thanx everybody.

If u visit japan, this is a must visit place!

Anonymous said...

It's Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, right?

I'm glad you had a great time there!
It's nice to relax at the seaside sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Subzero sugoi wa ne...
I didn't have chance to visit Yokohama, while I travelled to Tokyo.
these pictures are super!!!