Saturday, 2 August 2008

Trash separation and Disposal in Japan..

One of the things that amazed me here in Japan is how the people are dedicated to follow the rules, and how the government is also dedicated to make following the rules easy despite how strict the rules are.

From my perspective as an Environmental Engineer, I can notice a clear example for what I’ve stated above which is Trash separation and Disposal.
Once you rent an apartment, you receive a list of rules concerning trash disposal in the area, where you should throw your trash NEATLY categorized according to the rules. So you have many categories: combustible (burnable) trash such as kitchen trash, incombustible such as glass trash and recyclable trash such as bottles and cans, beside magazines and newspapers which are a separate category. Once you follow these categories and try them several times you will get used to them, and you only accept nothing but applying them.

What makes doing this great is the fact that you have the facilities to do it right. For example, the trash disposal area is also categorized, so all u have to do is to place every trash bag in the right place, also you can use trash cans inside your own house that are separated. Even on the streets you also have categorized trash cans.

Another interesting point to know is collecting the trash after you dispose it also follows specific schedule, so each type of trash is collected on a specific day knowing that the maximum frequent collection for one category is twice a week!!!

People here follow these rules willingly and in my opinion the environmental awareness among the society members towards environmental issues plays an essential role in making them follow these rules.

For me I am really glad to be part of this process and I don’t find it hard to follow such rules because I deeply believe that stepping towards a greener world needs an environmental-friendly lifestyle that is followed willingly by every individual in the community.


momiji said...

^^Interesting, I knew about that from my teacher, m-sensei, and i really admire the way they deal with environment, and how they obey the rules.
Another interesting rule, if they want to through big trash such as TVs, computers, fridges... they have to pay money for that!
More info here^^

Blue Rose said...

Yes you're right and thanks for the link Momiji san..

Here in the area we live, in order to get rid of large sizes trash( which exceeds 60cm up to 200cm),you have to request for pick up service or you deliver it by yourself to a specialized center, knowing that you have to pay for it.

There are specific types of electrical appliances, and other trash that cannot be accepted by this center so you have to return it to the shop you bought it from and of course you have to pay for this.

I noticed that people here tend to give things away to others or sell them online instead of throwing them away.

Anonymous said...

i felt "hansei" when i read your report about GOMI.
because,to say the truth, i felt tired to separate the rubbish here...! are right! i will "hansei"!


Blue Rose said...

K-s, am happy to know this, Ganbatte Kudasai.. (^_^)

Anonymous said...

Like dthis article
How is the bunpetsu in your city?
For example in Fukuoka it was simple
Just meoru gomi, and moenai gomi, and food garbage
I heard that the most comlicated garbage disposal is in Kobe.
By the way Blue rose I wante dto study Environmental management in Hoesi or Kyoto universities, mm waiting for a phone call from embassy , that monbukagakusho will give an scholarship:)
hope so Inshallah

Blue Rose said...

Zhanna san, thanx for your comments on many articles, hope you like our blog..

for the categories, yes they are the same as yours, moeru and moenai gomi, and the categories is as stated in the post, but each category is collected on a specific day, but to be honest, I get rid of food garbage once the trash is full, i dont wait till its collection day comes in order to avoid the bad smell!!

and for your scholarship I wish u'll get it soon inshallah, environmental management is really great, it is a mixture of many sciences that's why there is so much variety in its working field!! I adore everything related to the environment!!!