Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Aaargh!!! a very noisy summer!!!

I just cant take it! 24h noise all around you where ever you go will definitely drive you crazy. So noisy, so annoying you can not even sleep at night.

This is how it goes in Japan. This insect, named "Cicadas" or "Semi" exists every where. This insect has a very loud non-stop noise, all day, all night long.

Insects in Japan get very lively during the summer. Many kind of them. They can be found on the streets, between the trees or even inside the houses. Thats why usually shops start selling anti-insects products before Summer, so people can be prepared to face the armies of insects either inside or outside the house.

But this specific insect I am talking about, the Semi, has no solution. They travel in large numbers, they live on the streets and they produce a very annoying noise. They sometimes even come knocking your door! Yup! Because they cannot see, they might hit your door while flying here and there. And the sound is not low, because they have a big size compared to other insects.

I am blogging now out of anger, I have not had quite sleep since days because of this noisy bug! Check the youtube video below to have an idea what I am talking about..


Sutebia said...

These bugs are Cicadas セミ and your right very annoying.

momiji said...

hmm,so they called semi in Japanese?
seems not very annoying.~~ it stills a nature sound. not like the scary sounds of fireworks and cars all the night!0o
I like hearing there sounds! remind me of my childhood house ^^

Anonymous said...

yes, i agree with you. semi is very "mzaiju".
but i am sure that one day in the far future, you will remember this noise nostalgically with the memories of the summer days in Japan...!

in the night, you can see the eclosion of semis! try it! maybe you will feel friendship with them?!


Kanji_chan said...

you don't like them??><
I have no problem with them at all, I just love them.
I even told my lab mates that I want to have one as a pet :D
I was planning to post about them (out of love)after my exams.
There are a lot of types for semi each with a distinct sound. Also the way they change into their complete mature form is incredible.
Might change your mind after reading this:
..ahh semi a whole world on its own!
Will leave the rest of talk to my blog..^^

Anonymous said...

They only live for one week after being mature.
They live most of their lives underground...
Let them enjoy their short lives!
Hating or killing them is not good for them and against Buddhism...

subzero said...

love them? I dont think so! Not in the close future at least!

Definitely I will remember their noise and they will remind me of Japanese summer. But it wont be a good memory coz really I cannot sleep at night!

anonymous san,
Let them enjoy their short lives away from me! argh! I hate it when they hit and run!

Blue Rose said...

Every night two or three semis come knocking our door, and they keep whistling all night long!! we feel as if they are living inside the house!!! Their sound is really loud and annoying but i think we will get used to it sooner or later..

The only thing i like, is to see small Japanese kids happy catching them with their nets.

Anonymous said...

oh, now I understand you are really suffering from semi...

They tend to be attracted by light.
Why not put out the entire light of the hallway&your room?

or to put a meshed net or thin cushion in fromt of your door to prevent them "hit" and make a noise.

Blue Rose said...

Anonymous san thank you very much for the info, now i can understand why they come at our door!! The light of the hallway is always turned on!! But I thought they are blind that's why they cannot be attracted to it. (^_^')

Tonight, I'll turn it off..

NasEr said...

ya 7aram :D
there is only this annoying voice here when it rains and early in the morning in the bushes bas mesh 24/7

rua said...

I envy you , because for me if I were in Japan , I will find anything even the things that annoys me as a great thing , I don't know maybe because I haven't been there^-^

I liked the bugs voice in the J drama I don't know what my feeling will be in reality^-^