Saturday, 12 September 2009

Iftar, Japanese style!

So I would like to share with you my iftar for today. I decided to make it all Japanese, nothing non-Japanese is allowed.

I will leave the pics to speak for themselves..


White Phoenix said...

What is that, cactus flavored Pepsi?!

saqf said...

Takkabal Allah, wo sa7tain!

Wallah ya Sanadoo, you are improving a lot!

First time I see Pepsi Shiso! Do you like Shiso taste in general?

momiji said...

So, you should say: 「ifutaru」instead of "iftar". :)

subzero said...

White Phoneix-san,
Not sure about the Arabic name but in English it is Perilla!

Yeah I am liking Japanese food more day after another! Shiso taste is fine, not the best though!

Hai hai, ifutaru desu ne!

Anonymous said...

サナドsan, konnichiwa! ogenkidesuka?
in this summer vacation, i was in amman for 4days after 3years!
i felt the same feeling as 3years ago. yes, amman is also MY PLACE where i am very happy to be.
anyway, i saw also your improvement! now you can eat japanese food easily, right? even SHISO PEPSI!! hohoho^^.

take care & say hello to bluerose san!


Stephanie said...

Ahh I've always wanted to taste tempura! It just looks awfully delicious! Inshallah someday :)