Sunday, 4 October 2009


In the name of Allah, the all mighty god, the one and only one, I hereby start my thesis.

Praises to Allah, for his mercy upon me. For his generous gifts of health and brain which allowed me to proceed higher studies at one of the best universities in the world, University of Tokyo.

Praises to Allah, for gifting me with a perfect wife, my supporter through this journey. Thank you Randa for all your support and your cheers through the difficult times of research. Thank you, for your acceptance to accompany me in Japan, while you knew I will always be busy, away from you, working in my laboratory. You went through a hard time, spending most of your time alone while I progressed in my research connecting days with nights, but you only greet me with a smile and a welcoming heart, when I knock your door. Thank you, for making your house, my home.

I deeply thank and raise the hat for my supervising professor, Prof. Ikeda for his continuous teaching and support. Each time I sit with him, I gain a huge amount of knowledge not only in my research field but also in life. His welcoming helped me to settle in Japan and feel it like home, while His teaching provided me with solid knowledge and helped me to become a better Electrical Engineer. This work could have never been achieved except for the guidance I received from him.

I also thank Prof. Asada for his guidance and support throughout the research, and his fatherly advices to help me become a better researcher. All the thanks for Prof. Nakura for his help during my experimental research and measurement. He was always open for any questions, and his words were fulfilling answers.

My appreciation and respect for Dr. Abbas, for his support. He tended to calm me down during rough times, and his experience in our field could help me through complicated situations by providing me his suggestions. He is like an older brother, always there when you need him. I also thank Dr. James Tandon for his support during the start my Masters, and for his precious advices.

I send my thanks to Jordan, for Dr. Khamis, for his fatherly support and help in any matter I need, and for Dr. Yaser for helping me when I got married and supporting me like his son.

I thank all my lab members and research-mates for the friendly environment and healthy atmosphere that makes research and creativity easier.

In addition, I can never forget the trust of Yamashita-san, or the faith of Kobayashi-sensei in me. I can never forget how Taymour-sensei helped choose my desired field, or how Saqf-san helped me through the difficult transition of starting a new life in Japan.

Finally, no words can describe my appreciation for my father, god bless his soul, who wished before he died to see me holding a higher education degree. And my mother, who provided me with everything I needed since I was a child until I left the house coming to Japan. Without her, getting a professional degree would have been impossible. I thank her for all the prayers she has made to help me through my research.

I feel so proud of that picture above..
But now is not the time to stand still...
Let me go back to research my way into PhD..


nido said...

Masha2Allah!! Alf mabrook :)
I'm sure that everyone you've mentioned is so proud of you!
I am proud of you myself :D
Keep it up and may all your dreams come true!

momiji said...

very touching post :')

Alf Alf Mubarak!
Omedetou Gozaimasu !
kore kara mo, ganbatte kudasai!^^

Kanji_chan said...

Congratulations Sanado san!
I was so moved to read these words and to see the picture above!
It was such a tough trip and a new tougher one is starting so best of luck always!!!!

ukyou said...


Very great great news. All the hard work and dedication deserve reward :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you, Randa, your family and Jordan for your great success.
we are all proud of you and behind you.
Mariam Shifa Demiye

Saemon 左衛門 said...

ما شاء الله تبارك الله

مبارك ياسند ورندا

Saqf said...

الحمد لله
I am so proud of you, for all your achievements. You are blessed in many ways, and inshaAllah you will always be.

Mubarak ya Sanadoo, and keep up the great work, with the help of all the people around you.

It was a great honour to have taken a small part in your early Japan experience, and since Randa came into your life, I stopped worrying about you, for she is a gift from God to you. Baarak Allah feekuma.

Please keep updating us with your ongoing achievements. You don't know how many people you influence.

All the best of luck,

Your brother in Japan,

subzero said...

Thank you everyone for your great wishes! I really appreciate it and proud of it.

I will keep updating the blog more often, I promise :)

aoj said...

Dear Sanad

Congratulations on getting your Masters and good luck in the world of PhD...

It will be challenging as when you get advanced in study, your mission will get harder...

May ALLAH gives you and your family all the happiness and joy

Your new Brother in Japan
Jamleh A

Anonymous said...

you did and do encourage me, yes, always.


subzero said...






Blue Rose said...

I'm really proud of you and will always be.

What you achieved is the result of your hard and sincere work. Now a new phase has started and I'm absolutely ready to support you in every step you do.

My support for you is only a reflection to your deep support to me throughout the last 20 months. We've learned a lot, enjoyed every second of all the ups and downs.

May Allah be our guide in every step we take.

@Our friends: Thanks for all your comments. I feel this degree is my own degree. Wish you all the success. All we need from you is your sincere Dua'a for us.