Saturday, 31 October 2009

McDonald's in Japan..

As I wake up in the early morning getting ready for a very long day of continuous heavy work, I made a new discovery. McDonald's sells the very best coffee I have ever tasted. Not only that, it contains an amount of caffeine enough to keep me awake throughout the whole day.

In addition to that discovery, there is another one. McDonald's in Japan is not a fast food restaurant, but a restaurant where you sit and spend a long time eating and doing your own activities, including sleeping!

For example, inside McDonald's there is a free WiFi connection for those who wish to play Nintendo DS. So you can find lots of people who finish their meals then sit there playing DS for a long time. Also, if you visit McDonald's in the very early morning you will notice people sleeping inside. Those people are the ones who most probably had a long night partying then missed the last train, so they go to McDonald's instead of staying in the street and sleep there! They spend the whole night sleeping and then take the first train early in the morning back home (or back to work!).

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Note: As far as my knowledge goes, McDonalds in Japan is not considered halal so basically I do not eat any meat there. I buy only coffee or ice cream.


Kanji_chan said...

Each time I think of getting one I say to myself why would a fast food restaurant sell a good tasting coffee?
But now you made me want to try it..

azz said...

can you please if both of these products are halal?

aoj said...

i will try it sooooooon...
may be to increase my concentration in the class and behave as a true student!!!

subzero said...

Coffee? Why would a coffee be Haram?
Icecream? I remember I asked once and I found no problem in it.
But to make sure, you better ask again before you buy from them.

Anonymous said...

in japan mac menu is halal? if Halal witch items is Halal