Monday, 21 December 2009

Have fun surfing with Furigana Injector..

I like to surf Japanese websites. They are usually full of news, and sometimes they are the first to post the news on the web (for example videogames news).

Eventhough I reached a level where I can understand the Japanese grammar and sentence structure well, I still have difficulties understanding the meaning of the Kanjis. Sometimes I feel if I knew how the kanji is read, I can know its meaning. That is why I try to avoid using Rikaichan, which gives the reading and the meaning of the kanji.

Now my wish can become true with Furigana Injector. This is a tool for Firefox and Chrome browsers that injects the furigana reading of all the kanjis in a webpage!! Absolutely amazing! This will make me enter a whole new dimension in the process of learning kanji. I just love it, and recommend you to use it.

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