Friday, 25 December 2009

Our visit to the city of Kawagoe..

We were invited by our Japanese friends to visit their city, Kawagoe in Saitama.

The feeling was indescribable. The old city of Kawagoe did a great job in keeping its influence on us. It is my first time visiting an old typical Japanese city, and I could notice a lot of difference compared to Tokyo. It was a refreshing experience away from the metropolitan atmosphere.

I will leave you with some pictures.


Blue Rose said...

Oh subzero you should tell more detaiiiils!
I will ;))

In this city we first visited a very old clock tower, which appears in the first and third pictures! This clock is called "toki no kane". As they told us that this clock rings 5 times a day and we were lucky enough that when we arrived it started ringing!! It is pretty famous and it was built in the Edo period!

We also walked down the old streets of Kawagoe, and passed by different temples and markets. Most of the markets there, are traditional Japanese shops selling Japanese traditional stuff.

Then we went to the "kawagowe festival Museum", where they introduced us to a very famous festival that takes place in Kawagoe every third October in the year. They told us that they do it as celebrating harvest time!

In the museum, we watched a short movie about the festival and then saw the portable shrine they use! ( check the 5th and 6th pictures). They are very long and very heavy and they cost around 100 million yen to consrtruct and also they take 13 years to be built!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we headed to Japanese style restaurant! This restaurant REALLY captured my heart! It is totally a Japanese traditional house where we felt just like home! We took off our shoes, went to a special guest room with the table arranged according to the Japanese style arrangement! We ate UNAGI (うなぎ), a traditional sea food dish!! It was TOTALLY DELICIOUS!!! we loved it so so much!!

After finishing, we went back to walk down the streets and buy some Omiyage!

It was really really a very unique day and THANKS A MILLION to our Japanese friends who invited us to experience it. By the way, our friends speak Arabic very well, and they are supposed to go next month to Jordan and Syira to work there!

Blue Rose said...

I forgot to say that Kawagoe is very famous in producing large amounts of sweet potatoes! Everywhere you go there is a different product made from potato!