Saturday, 22 September 2007

Its TOKYO.. Its the GAME.. Its the SHOW!!

TOKYO GAME SHOW! A dream that has been haunting me since years. TGS, the famous video gaming show, that has most video gaming companies over the world gather to show its latest products and games to the public.

The show was in Makuhari Messe, around 1:30 hours outside Tokyo. Eventhough I have been there since almost 10am, the queue line was huge. I estimate the number of 40,000 audience at least. Going in, it was an amazing atmosphere. Gaming companies spread here and there, everywhere, to advertise their latest technologies.

I had so much fun. Playing demos of games are yet to be released, watching trailers for games and enjoying Japanese role playing shows. There were many gaming characters going around the exhibition to attract audience. People were taking photos everywhere. It took me around 2 hours to go through the exhibition, before I discover that this is only hall #1, there is another BIGGER hall just across the street! Another three hours were needed to go around the whole exciting show.

Two things I did not like in this show. One, It wont be a mistake calling this show a Tokyo Girl Show. There were more girls than games actually! There were many games, so you can guess the number of girls yourselves! Every company had a number of girls to stand infront of its booth to advertise for the company. And people gathered around those girls to take photos. There was a queue on taking photos of the girls! I totally wished if there was some gaming machines instead of these girls.

Second, no photos were allowed! Yes, as you have seen above, I took many photos. But not for the games themselves. You are allowed to take photos of the exhibition, the people, the booths, but not the games which is very important. I really felt disappointed.

Overall, this was a very nice and needed trip. I liked it very much. Again, Japan proves to be the dream land, where all my dreams are becoming true. Suddenly I am out of dreams! I already visited TGS, I already saw a soccer match for a famous European team, and I already visited Akihabara! What shall I dream next?! :)


Anonymous said...

>What shall I dream next?!

good question.
enjyoy this question!!


Kanji_chan said...

lol interesting! im sure alot of otaku were there!^o^
i have never had time to finish any RPG game! i always stop in the middle. the only games i truely played until the last bit were the gameboy advance pokemon games.They were really fun and not simple at all!
"wut should u dream next?"..its obvious, to stay top in your study field even in Japan,after all the real study havent started yet
( ^_')b ganbare!

yuri said...

hey man what's up? let's just skip the introducions becuz we know each others (am an x-jubilean from the 8th batch) can I get ur e-mail? I have tons of questons! here is mine I do really need some of ur help so if u are going to help (domo arigato) ;) I'll e waiting and if u do not want just send me that u do not have time! thanx anyways!

khm said...

Great i wish i can visit this, about the girls this is the marketing materials for recent market in everywhere, like i was in GITEX 2007 which should be about PC technology but as u said its was more about model girls than technology which was SUX!!

Anyway how was winning eleven 2008 ?

Samer said...

This year, TGS became the largest game industry event in the world. This is because the plug was pulled on E3.

I personally am glad I missed TGS.. it is just too much for me. Too much. Another thing that makes me not interested is that Nintendo doesn't exhibit in TGS :D