Sunday, 9 September 2007

Tokyo is crowded. How crowded?

Amman crowded? Amman in the summer crowded? or Raghdan crowded?

The pics might give you some answers:

So its Iam-lucky-to-have-a-space-to-stand-in crowded!!


White Phoenix said...

heheheee .... I think they should have oxygen masks in there!:)

Anonymous said...

yes, we need oxygen masks, especially for a tiny person like me.
and my home is far from tokyo city center, and i don't like to keep standing and pussing in the crowded train more than 1 hour, so i take the train at 6am (never crowded, even i can find a seat)!

good photos. they show a part of real life in tokyo.


Kanji_chan said...

Green..well i only know the yamanote line from the lines that have that the yamanote line?

Actually during my stay in Japan i never experienced REAL crowded trains.
But when i come,i'm sure that the Jouban line will be something of my daily life..^^;

yusuf said...

تشعر أنهم فقدوا إنسانيتهم، و احتفظوا بإحترامهم "لإنسانهم" عند الخطوب.
من الذي أقنع معظم هؤلاء أن هذا الوضع مقبول، و أنه يجب عليهم العمل طيلة النهار ليأكلوا و يشربوا و بالكاد يسكنوا؟! (حتى على قول سند، الفاكهة غالية لدرجة مضحكة).
الحمدلله الذي جعلنا مسلمين، و أسكننا من خير ديار الإسلام، و فتح لنا في الأخرة نصيبا،من غير عمل عملناه و لا جهد إجتهدناه.

Sami said...

yes man it is true , I got the car but still road takes more than an hour

In Jordan cars are so many and most in same places !!!!

Trains are needed everywhere but dont know why our traffic is so bad like this !!!!