Friday, 28 September 2007

Thank you, my Hiroo...

Hiroo. Hiroo. Whenever that name is announced in the train, I feel safe. That means only one thing: Delicious food, fun with friends, and a perfect night praying for god.

In Hiroo, there is an Iranian restaurant that provides free food for Muslims. The chefs in the restaurant are actually Syrians and Lebanese, so basically the food is Arabic. Very delicious food actually and reminds me with food in Jordan. We eat an open buffet, soup, rice, chicken, meat, salads, sweats and other stuff. Its a perfect meal, especially for the Halal food crisis we used to face in Japan. The restaurant in Iftar time is full of arabs. Arabs everywhere from everywhere.

But wait! Before that, we pray in Hiroo mosque. A Saudian mosque actually. So we go there, eat dates and drink water, then pray Maghrib. The mosque is actually in the middle between the station and the restaurant, so its perfect.

After eating, enjoying the food, and enjoying the fact that we enjoyed the food, we head back to the mosque in Hiroo again. Now there, our night starts. A perfect prayer with the perfect Emam sent to Japan by the Saudi government. He has the best reading that I ever heard - live - and that makes the night soooo perfect really. He takes his time in the prayer but you never feel how long it takes. Sometimes I just wish he keeps on and on all night. It takes us about 1.5 hours to pray Esha and Taraweeh.

Today, I enjoyed the view of the Japanese style Hiroo park. Its marvelous! Ill let you enjoy it with the accompanied pictures.

Really, Hiroo, Ramadan with you is RAMADAN. Hiro, "Ramadan ma3na a7la". Thank you, my Hiroo..


Saemon said...


kaeritai! Nihon e KAERITAI!

yahari, one free day in Tokyo is toooooooo "a little"!!!

When you and Saqf took me to Tokyo jamii and we prayed there, i felt as if pebbled ice was poured on my heart. For the first time in two weeks, a mosque in Japan! Ahhhh...

thank you and thanks for this wonderful post.

Sami said...

Nice , thank god you have this

and nice that you meet all muslims in that great place

really great

Haifa said...

I indeed agree with every little thing reported here.. thank you for telling loudly what we could feel, think, live.. in silence.. thank you for making it memorable.. :)
En shaa Allah syamna ma9bool.. Rabbi ya7yeena el amthelu :o)

Kanji_chan said...

sugoi sugoi!
The way you described things was great :)
by the way sanado san, is the 3rd picture close to roppongi area by any chance???
because it reminds me with the horizontal blue lights building which i used to see from my hotel room when i was in tokyo...unless there are alot of buildings similar to it..
may you have a blessed ramadan.

Summer said...

Really nice post! happy for you that you get to meet other muslims and do the prayers at the masjed and enjoy the feeling of Ramadan away from home...Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

it is great ur living the soul of ramadan in japan!!! Keep it up!!

subzero said...

Everybody, Thank you very much.

Kanji-chan, it IS Roppongi. :)

Anonymous said...

this is the last week of ramadhan...
with cold weather, I am feeling sleepy almost evrytime even while standing in the train