Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Garbage, the Japanese way!!

In Jordan we categorize items into either garbage, or eatable! Here in Japan garbage is categorized to at least five groups. In my Japanese language school we have 5 groups for the garbage, which me up until now couldnt figure what all those for!

I know there is the plastic garbage, metalic, paper, and the "normal" garbage. What else? Anybody can help me with this?!

Eventhough its time consuming to seperate garbage every time, but I think its worth it.


Kanji_chan said...

Well this categorization exists here too,sanado san.But its unfortunately not wide spread.
For example, we have a seperate garbage container in our university for each type(paper,plastic,metal..), yet commitment to this categorization is limited.
If people just know about the importance of this categorization!
This helps alot reducing garbage in the world by recycling this garbabe and turning them into useful things.Recycled paper is an example.
Garbage categorizaton is important for recycling process.

waaaah! i know i said alot!! but i am an environment enthusiastic!:D

Samer said...

Of-course the fifth is for glass, silly!

Yes, Amani-san, when I was there, JUST had colour coded boxes for different materials.. If I remember right, each box had a window to show the contents and give a hint which one is for which materials. Unfortunately, when I was there, you couldn't guess the categories because everybody threw everything in every box. So the end result was just 4 ordinary boxes trash boxes beside each other.

Also, Amani-san, they know how its useful, but the problem is the attitude: do most of them care?

Sami said...

everything ordered , SYSTEM

That is the thing they have , obey and we miss