Saturday, 2 June 2007

Its a new era: 60 days.

60 days have passed since the dream has started: Living in Tokyo.

What I miss in Amman:
- Family
- Friends

What I dont miss in Amman:
- Transportation system
- The 2Mbps max ADSL speed.
- Computer Prices.
- Lack of options regarding where to go or what to buy.

60 days have passed. Thank you everybody for those who supported me in this blog. And thank you for those who encouraged me to continue blogging about Japan... :)


Summer said...

Actually i have been here many times and i have been following "your dream" in a far i think you are doing great, friends and food are important and easy to miss, but look what you are gaining in return...great education and life experience! Write a post about sushi please. Is it as popular as falafel is in the Middle East or is it like a delicacy item?? I have been to Tokyo for few day visit about 20 some years when i had not discovered sushi yet and i regret not trying i want to make a special trip to Japan just to eat sushi!! Best of luck.

ukyou said...

Go, go, Sanad san! :D

i hope you will have a great experience here. My only advice is to use your time to the fullest and creat a good environment for you where you can enjoy Japan and Jordan at the same time.

Please keep up the great work with the blog! you are both Jordan and Japan's mini ambassador :D

Anonymous said...

Sanadsan, we got energy from your experiences through this blog.
please enjoy your time.
i wish you would get more and valuable experiences in comming future.
i believe you.


Kanji_chan said...

ike ike!!sanado san! \(^o^)/
ganbatte kudasai ne! itsumo,omoshiroi posuto,arigatou! ( ^_')b

TADDAIMAAA~~~!!!!! im back 2 my blog! (^O^)

take care

ĐàŋdŎöŅёH said...

weired having a dream to study in JAPAN ,well god bless u w allah yewaf2ak b-drastak .. :give:

kix said...

About family and friends, I agree!!
You cannot replace them with anybody else.I hope you can cope with it :)

But how about foods?
I guess there was a Palestinean restaurant serving Mansaf in Tokyo.

Or..maybe you can enjoy some Lebanese restaurants or Turkish ones ;).

kix said...

In Japan, majority of Arabic restaurants are either Turkish or Egyptian.
Lebanese restaurants are still minor and there are only three in Tokyo&Yokohama.
*My Lebanon(Daikanyama)
*Al Ain(Yokohama)

So I hope Palestinean cuisines from Jordan will be popular in Japan in the future!!

Samer!! said...

You're 2 months in and still calling it a dream, Sanad-san.

I'll be watching you and taking notice when you stop calling it a dream and start calling it reality ;)

Kanji_chan said...

LOL good point sameru san!:D

fadi_dude said...

Sanado san, my man, walla i miss having u around

having been with u while we were still in school, and knowing that from those days u wanted to study in japan, i cant be anymore happy or proud of what u achieved man..

enjoy ur dream, u earned it

subzero said...

thanx fadi_dude!!! i hope u achieve all ur dreams too..

subzero said...

samer san,

Yes it is a dream. When u see how much different this society is you feel like you are dreaming.

Everyday I see something new. Not everything is blogging materia but trust me everyday sth new..

subzero said...

kix san,

any idea of such lebanese or egyption resturants in shibuya area?!


Samer said...

Then I guess you are interchangeably using the two meanings of dream: something you long for, and something strange as if you are dreaming while asleep..

That's news to me!

Anyways, May God help you and support you in your studies and bring what is best for you. I'm wishing you well always from here.

Sami said...

ma63am 3albal lebnani looooool I know it is in amman ;)

We miss you friend but we wish you good luck there in japan and we are happy for you