Monday, 28 May 2007

My name is Akiba... Yodobashi Akiba...

Spending 40minutes in trains to reach Akihabara is NEVER a waste. I always think of that while walking in the streets of Akiba, the technology capital of the whole world.

As always, on sundays no cars are allowed. People were walking in the middle of the streets visting shops here and there. You can imagine how big Akiba is when you look at the two pictures down. The buildings on each side of this wide street are ALL technology related and all to show and sell technology products.

Yet, this street only a part of Akihabara. If you go left or right from that street you will start to find shops all around you and they become more as you go deeper. Still, all that I mentioned is only a PART of Akihabara.

The other part is known for Yodobashi-Akiba. Now thats another tale by itself. It is a mall that shows ONLY technology related products. The mall is 8 floors, each floor is as wide as carefour's floors of Amman. But dont forget, ONLY technology prodcuts. No food and no clothes :)

Yodobashi-Akiba is arranged such that technology is separated by floors. Mobiles, laptops, computers, ipods, music and subwoofers, cameras, printers, games, home electronics. This is ofcourse all I can remember now. Ofcourse I wont forget the 103'' screen that I saw. Perfect screen is the only word to describe, picture below.

Yesterday, I spent from 3pm to 7pm just to check the first three floors. I went back only because I got very hungry and tired from walking and jumping from a corner to a corner...

Its totally the dream place for technology lover. You should probably "pay" a visit ;)


aya said...

Wow, big Panasonic Plasma TV!!
I guess it is very expensive(^_^;)

By the way, there is no address called "Akihabara" on the official map.

The real address is "Soto-kanda, Chuo-ku, Tokyo".

"Akihabara" is just a common nickname to indicate "Soto-kanda"'s electronic town area.

So, if someone says "I live in Akihabara.", that means he/she is living in "Soto-kanda".

Japanese people (especially otaku) often shorten it to "Akiba(秋葉)", instead of Akihabara(秋葉原).

So, if you say "I will go to Akiba!" or 「アキバへ行きます。」, people will regard you as a real Akiba fan!

Kanji_chan said...

(^_^) U 4got to mention restaurants in the 8th floor!
..well i cant say more about Akiba. It consumed all my good words! XD
Nice orange shirt ;)

Samer said...

I want one thing from Akihabara: a mini denshi shishi odoshi (deer scare)..


ukyou said...

My favorite yodobashi akiba floor is No. 6 ! i think it is your favorite floor too Sanad san! But maybe a different section :P. By the way i am planning on an akiba excursion soon. Maybe all 3 of us can go and do video podcast or something!
Amani chan! We're waiting for you, Mohammad and samer san's arrival !

Kanji_chan said...

(^_^) T-sensei,
arigatou ne ^^ watashi mo matteimasu!!
benkyou,ganbatte ne!erubeddo kara ouen shiteimasu yo!:D

Samer said...

If I come to Japan, we will immediately start with our plans to establish the Jorpan empire.

It is very important that this remains a secret until we take over Japan.

In the meantime, let's.. ummm.. let's, let's, leeet's create the flag and the slogan. I will design the flag and you do the slogan.

Kanji_chan said...

Jorpan ? :D i'm in!

Samer said...

Great, K-chan, but we must keep it a secret until you know? okay?

In the meantime.. you are in charge of composing the national anthem of Jorpan.

Anonymous said...

If I was to live in Tokyo, you'd probably find me there every weekend!

I remember spending a great time at the nice tech mall in Singapore few years ago, and I could only imagine how much fun one could have at this place. I hope to make it to Akiba next year inshallah.

Keep up the good work Sanad. I love your "techie" postings.