Saturday, 12 May 2007

Fuji-san, Hajimemashite..

Fuji-san, hajimemashite. I have read about you alot in Jordan, and I saw many pictures of you. and now, here I am, infront of you. Fuji-san, watching you this close means I can scratch another dream off my list. Yorushiku onegaishimasu.


Kanji_chan said...

very nice! ^_^

Anonymous said...

arigatou---thank you very much for your lovely comment about me.
i am also happy to see you, Sanado-san.

please enjoy japan.


Anonymous said...

that's a dream on my list too. Inshallah it'll come true next year during the sakura season, and hopefully with the company of some new friends :-)

subzero said...

Skura & Fuji-san will be the perfect combination. GREAT!

Hala said...

I am glad your dreams are coming true ... Looks beautiful :)