Friday, 25 May 2007

SONY cannot be any more BLUE...

This picture is taken from Sakuraya in Shibuya. It is my first time to see a BlueRay player, and to be honest, they should give it much more credit. I have never seen a more clear picture on a TV in my life.

The BlueRay is priced for 278,000 yen if you want the 500GB player. This is around 1635JDs.

I think i am going to visit Akihabara this weekend to check the stuff again.


Kanji_chan said...

Akihabara...i want to live there!(@_@)

aya said...

Oh, blueray is so expensive!!
I am sure it will be heavily discounted after a few years, just like DVD-recorders got so cheap after some years.

In Akihabara, there are a lot of Asian shoppers from China, Taiwan, Korea, etc. Sometimes you will see more Asian than Japanese on Akihabara street.

So, it is a very international town!
For living, I don't recommend it though, because there is no big supermarket or grocery stores and you will have to go to Ueno or other town for daily shopping.
It is mainly a commercial district, not a residential one :)

Kanji_chan said...

:D joudan datta ne ;) demo, watashi ni totte, akihabara wa MOCHIRON tanoshii basho desu!(^_^)

Sami said...

wow so nice , great