Saturday, 12 May 2007

Hakone: Electronics between the mountains.

And people wonder why Japanese achieve alot!

Since it is the start of the year in Japan, the professors, my lab mates & I went on a field trip to Hakone, a place 2 hours by bus outside Tokyo. The reason behind this trip was to do some relaxation accompanied with electronics discussions about the plan for next year's work.

I never saw a more beautiful place (seems ill be saying that sentence alot in Japan!). Huge mountains all covered with forests. The trees were so tall that I couldnt even see where they end. The green color ruled the scene and it was very relaxing.

Yet, I thought this is gonna be my only surprise. I found that we will be staying in a Japanese style hotel. Japanese from A to Z. Once I entered I had to take off my shoes, ofcourse. It was very neat & clean yet very simple. By entering my room I was amazed, this is the first time for me to be in a real Japanese bedroom. I looked through the window and god what a scene that was.

After we settled down, we went into the meeting room which looks like a class room. We started our meeting and we spent time talking about electronics. Using my Japanese language to the limits I could catch what they were talking about, yet I missed alot. There, looking around, I couldnt believe that this is actually happening. Talking about electronics in the most beautiful spot on earth..

After the meeting we had the Japanese dinner. Actually the crab in the middle was very delicious I liked it especially combined with some rice.

After dinner my lab mates went inside the Onsen, which is the japanese style bathroom. Well, I didnt go with them because out there you have to take all your clothes off while enjoying the hot water. (Why? I dont know. Why I didnt go? Its Haram).

Then we resumed our electronics discussion, each member talking about his plans for the following year of research. We stayed awake until late at night eating snacks and drinking. I appreciate that my professor and the rest accept that it is haram for me to drink alcohol, so I kept on drinking Pepsi, along with another muslim friend with us.

Next morning, It was my turn to talk. I talked for about 3 minutes in Japanese, then after they started asking me questions I switched back to english. It was a very nice experience.

My professors are very very nice, and also have strong knowledge in their fields. My lab mates are very nice and funny also.

I enjoyed my trip to Hakone, where science and nature were combined to produce two of the most beautiful days of my life..


Anonymous said...

السلام عليكم.
سند! ليس باستطاعتي القول الا ماشاء الله تبارك الله, و بالتوفيق .

Kanji_chan said...

:D sugoi~! i like the place. its a heaven on earth!
what a waste! maybe u should have asked about available options,,i mean for the ONSEN.Some times you can take a towel with you to cover the lower half of your body..correct? or am i mistaken?

Anonymous said...

i hope that you will keep your motivation. i am afraid that now you are toutching only very nice part of Japan. but you will also see and know black part of japan. i hope you will make good balance between good and bad.


subzero said...

Kanhi-chan, no I had no choices. :(

subzero said...

thanx everybody..

Sami said...

Nice photos and nice to hear you enjoyed the trip


ゆーた said...

>Anonymous さんは書きました...
>i hope that you will keep your >motivation. i am afraid that now >you are toutching only very nice >part of Japan. but you will also >see and know black part of japan. >i hope you will make good balance >between good and bad.

It's kind of you to advise Subzero san, but you warning is meaningless and you really don't have to worry about that.
It's natural that every culture has its good part and bad part, and I'm sure Subzero san already knows that, because he is not a kid or dreamer who blindly believes Japan is the heaven of earth.

I hope he will enjoy his stay, and experience and learn new things through his life in Japan!
Never give up even if you meet difficulties, you will figure it out!
I always enjoy your report, thanks for interesting reports ;)

Hala said...

I love the pictures; the nature and the food, all looks good.

Glad you had fun :)

Kanji_chan said...

Yu-ta san,
watashi,kiddo ja nai no sa!(T_T)
datte,hakone ni wa, ki wa sugoku kirei to omotta! sore dake desu >_<

I'm also aware that no place is perfect. Ofcourse every place has a bright side and a dark side,ne~!

Manno said...

wow.. eshi fakher 3al akher.. good luck sooon.. u deserve all the best ;)

redrose said...

3 minutes in Japanese!! amazing..I wish to make 2 seconds :)

how do we say mar7aba in r u?

subzero said...

Hello redrose & welcome to my blog.

Konnichiwa --> Hello.
Ogenki desu ka--> how are you.

Now u r officially able to speak Japanese!!!:D