Thursday, 10 May 2007


Hibiya is in the middle of Tokyo. The pictures will talk for themselves. I can only think one sentence: Its the perfect place for relaxation.


Kanji_chan said...

so nice! i NEED to go there 4 relaxation..
The best thing i liked was the trees!
Their green color and size are really great! Unlike trees here(O_o) if they have any green,it would be a dusty green!T_T

Anonymous said...

Hibiya park is an oasis for office worker in Tokyo. you can see it is smong building jungle.

in Tokyo, there are a lot of big parks. and one of the them, close to you place, is Yoyogi park. every weekend, you can find many "cos-ple" girls and boys there(maybe you can join them with your "space emperor" costume!).

Hala said...

I love all the green ... It looks really peaceful :)

SimSim said...

SUBZERO !!!! cool that u have a blog ... i have to add u :ch:

how r u ? so ur in japan !!

nice pictures u have :)