Friday, 4 May 2007

Kobayashi sensei, thank you so much...

Kobayashi sensei is my Japanese teacher who taught me Japanese language in Amman. Beside being a great teacher who knows how to deliver an info, she is very kind. In the picture, Kobayashi sensei is the one who is wearing the arabic woman's uniform.

The sensei has invited us to her house in Yokohama, 40minutes by train outside Tokyo. While we enjoyed the view during our train ride, we enjoyed Yokohama even more. Once we arrived she welcomed us wearing the traditional Jordanian dress with a big smile on her face. It was my first time entering a traditional Japanese house so I was looking everywhere around me to find that the house is very very neat & organized. Ofcourse, you have to take off your shoes before you enter, as this is the Japanese tradition.

We were shown a very warm welcome. There were the sensei, her mother & father, and some of her friends. She also has prepared LOTS of food we enjoyed. In the picture you can see what kind of food we ate.

The most incredible idea we faced, was that she prepared an icecream on za3tar flavor! yes guys, vanilla icecream with lots of za3tar on top. It was REALLY delicious!!!!

We had so much fun. I would remember this day for ever. Japanese people are so nice and welcoming.

We were 4 people from Jordan. Me, Ahmad-san, Taymoor-sensei & Othman-san.

Kobayashi sensei, thank you very much for one of the greatest days in my life.
- and thank you for allowing me to post the pictures in the blog - .

Can you guess where am I in the pic?!


Sami said...

Great , Yes Kobayashi sensei is so kind

She taught me Japanese at my University here in Amman and she was great

Nice to hear that Sanad tell Kobayashi sensei my Greetings

o I picked you ( :) ) You are the guy who wears the red Shirt ( keef balla thaki esmallah 3alai lol ) w na7fan ya Sanad bas ba3doh fi karsh :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Za3tar flavored Icecream??:S

sounds like a lot of fun... :)

Next, you should ask for Za3tar and Zait sushi

Kanji_chan said...

:D :D sugo~~i!
glad you had fun! and i was sooo surprised to see sensei wearing arabic traditional uniform! soo nice.
K-sensei is a great sensei,everyone knows this! \(^o^)/

Samer said...

Zatar ice-cream.. Once we went to gerard and she asked if they have zatar ice-cream.. I thought she was kidding..

But I'm not very surprised. It's kind of expected from the person who invented mjaddara onigiri.. ;)

Argentina said...

wow!!!!! great!!! Kobayashi sensei taught me too, she is really great!!! i love her so much!!!
it is very nice to meet people from different culture, live with them and even eat what they eat!!!
Great experience man!!

Shaden said...

Hey! sounds like you're enjoying yourself in Japan. I'm really impressed by how fast you could adapt and mingle. That's great.

Keep blogging :-)

Anonymous said...

Sanad san, thanks for your coming.
arigatou. we had really nice time together.
and arigatou for this post article--with full of compliment.

Samer san,
it was not jyoudan! really, hontouni "Zartar-ice" ha oishiidesu. cool taste.
try it! jameed-ice might be oishii?!--it is kidding desu.

subzero said...

Kobayashi sensei, 1000 welcome to my blog.
watashi no blog he kuru no de, doumo arigatou gozaimasu.

Hai, Za3tar ice-cream wa totemo oishii desu!!!

pesse said...


they seem very very nice and welcomming...

enjoy ur time sanad :)

Samer said...

Okay, sensei! I will try it.. just vanilla ice cream with zatar on top, deshou?

Manno said...

vanilla icecream with lots of za3tar on top. It was REALLY delicious!!!!


Anonymous said...

wow, it really looks so delicious...
you are so lucky, sanad san.
what good people and tasty lunch....

redrose said...

I liked the lady's dress on the right side in the third row.. is a traditional dress ? for which country?