Tuesday, 5 June 2007

NTT? Can you help me learn Japanese?

For a start, NTT is not a japanese language school, its a big telephone company in Japan!

Last week we had the most interesting conversation challenge in my japanese language class. After learning a new set of grammar, we were asked to perform this conversation challenge to make sure we understood the idea very well.

The challenge was calling NTT the telephone company, and ask the operator to provide me with a telephone number of a company or a convenient store in Tokyo. When I get the number, I will have to call that store and ask it about its working hours, holidays in general and holidays next month.

It was sooo funny!!! Because talking to someone who doesnt know that you are learning Japanese is something really stressful and not easy. Some of my friends hung up on the operator because they didnt know what to say, and others stayed silent for soo long that the operator did hang up in their faces!!!

Since the teacher was recording all our phone calls so we can listen to it and correct our mistakes, when we heard the tape we laughed like crazy. It was really educational and interesting. We also felt bad because we were using NTT to learn Japanese!

When my turn came up I did pretty good. I only couldnt hear one digit from the number so I had to call the operator twice.

I am totally amazed by the way we are taught Japanese. Its really good.. :)


Kanji_chan said...

LOL!! really nice!:D this is truely a challenge!! XD if u wana teach someone how 2 swim, just throw him in the water. This is the policy applied by ur class as i see ^^

White Phoenix said...

That's quite interesting! Nothing better than an applied exercise to sharpen your language skills

Sami said...


Really Great

they are smart learning anything

I am curios to know how they teach in schools and universities !!!!

Mohammad said...

Hey buddy:
Imagine u did this with JTC loooooooooool u will hear alot of nice words about learing "Jordanian" using this creative way.

God Bless u & God bless Japan

Mohammad said...

Ah mohammad ................. Guess who is it????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abu Sabri .........:D

subzero said...

Lool mohammad!

I would never dare to do such a thing!