Sunday, 17 June 2007

A reminder..

This is just a reminder, from me to myself.

You are here in Japan to study, not to have fun all the time.
You are here to get a masters degree, not to visit akiba everyday.
Your goal is to graduate from Tokyo University, not tour all Tokyo within 3 months.

aah, I just needed to remind myself with that. Sometimes I feel I am here on a vacation. But, when I remember the huge load of studied I have to do, I get depressed. So, I need to remind myself that my 1st goal here is to study, THEN tour Japan and have fun.

OK? study, study, then study. After that, you can tour as much as you want.

Anyway, having a little fun while studying wont do any harm, will it?! :)


Moey said...

enjoy it while you're at it man

Summer said...

Although part of you being there is to study, but you still learn when you go places,see things and meet people, so it is all part of your learning of luck and enjoy it all, studying and touring!

Kanji_chan said...

well for sure fun from time to time wont do any harm.It will rather enhance your study performance!^^
best of luck^^

Sami said...

yes sure man

" bas enta inshalla mafi 5oof 3alaik , Gadha w Gdood "

Khaireddin said...

Forget about it bro. i know nothing on earth can take you away from study so just have good times but same time make sure to kick other people minds and RULE as you usualy do :)

subzero said...

thanx for ur comment. I will do my best..