Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Convenient Store.. How Convenient..

Convenient stores in Japan are very convenient. I really like the idea of such stores and the services they provide.

In convenient stores, beside the fact that you can buy groceries and items, you can also pay your bills, mobile for example. You can also buy telephone cards, magazines, and lots of convenient items.

Plus, you can find them in every area in Japan. There is a branch where ever you go. In my university campus itself there are two.

Very convenient!!


hamede said...

They copy of the usa.

Summer said...

Convenient stores are just convenient!
how about those prices? are they over priced also in Japan as they are in the states?
Have a great day!

Kanji_chan said...

日本語で、「Convenience store」は「コンビニ」ですね。