Friday, 13 July 2007

Walking on two wheels..

Its very common here in Tokyo to use bicycles. Everybody are using them, kids, men, women and to my surprise, old people.

Using bicycles comes from the fact that it is very convenient in Japan. Since trains are the most common transportation in Tokyo, people need to reach the station as fast as possible. So they use the bicycles to from to and from the station. This way, if somebody lives 10min away from the station, it can be reached within 2 minutes.

People who ride bicycles here are from every type. School kids, college students, girls, foreigns, business men while wearing a tuxedo, housewives -having their babies in a basket- and old people. the other day, I saw a very old man riding the bicycle and he seemed to be very healthy. I was so surprised.

The other day I used my friend's bicycle to go do some shopping. I did really regret it since it was my first kind of physical sport since almost a year!! But I enjoyed the ride because of the flat roads and the nice weather.

I wish we get over "the look and feel" perspective in Jordan and the arabic world. Bicycles are not only for kids, they can be very convenient at some time. We should even stop looking at what others are doing or wearing. I think we have much more important stuff to do.


Citizen N~ said...

I have to say , this is an amazing blog. Really , wish u luck in your masters. Njoy ! Thanks for sharing your experience.:)

Anonymous said...

oh, it's good idea to have one!
don't you think so?

1.good for your health.
2.cheaper than subway.
3.maybe faster than subway in tokyo.
4.much cheaper than 36inch TV!


Samer said...

I don't think the infrastructure in Jordan allows that; there are no lanes for cycling and the streets are all wavy and blotched with asphalt patches.

Although there are cycling commuters in Amman, they are a rare sight. It's almost unnoticable.

I'm not surprised by the riding ojiisan. Japan is one of the best in healthcare and people there lead long and healthy lives.

Maybe we should drink less pepsi and more green tea? ;)

subzero said...

K-s, haha very funny comment about the TV!

It is good for my health but when i tried it I had to sleep for 10 hours to gain my strength back.. It is cheaper than the subway and it is faster actually. u r right.

subzero said...

citizen n~,

thanx for the comment. I will keep it up. :)

subzero said...

samer san, I agree. But if u forget about the infrastructure, going to work wearing a suite and on a bicycle in not acceptable in Jordan. especially if u work in an office.

I will not ask u how did u know I drink that much pepsi, but I guess u have a point there! :p

Samer said...

Yeah, I guess you are right about that..

About the Pepsi, well I had other people in mind but they are also Japan-freaks/Japanese speakers of some sort.. I wonder if there is a connection between liking Japan and drinking too much Pepsi.. Maybe there is a substance in Pepsi that makes people like Japan?

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but lately in Jordan, green tea is booming.. not Japanese green tea mind you, but green tea nonetheless.

At one point, I saw a book just about the benefits of green tea in our living room (!!!)

At work, we always have green tea bags beside the 'normal' tea bags and nescafe.

Btw, the new pic is nice.

Hussam said...

First of all, this is the first time i see your space, and to say the truth its beautifull! God Job!
I also have to appologize for accessing it so late. Lots of nice posts S.

Bicycles eh? I used to use it more than anything back in the UAE, and you are right, they are very convinient. But I have to agree with Samer about the part that the geography of Jordan or Amman is not suitable for them, otherwise I will be the first person to use them here.

Wish you all the best of luck.. Keep up the good work :)