Monday, 9 July 2007

Dreams becoming true in Japan.. FC Barcelona..

I could have never imagine this dream would really become true. Watching MESSI, RONY, HENRY, and PYOUL all together face to face. Japan is truely the dream land, that is making my dreams become true one after another.

FC Barcelona is coming to play in Tokyo against Yokohama-Morinos on 7th of August. This means a one in a life time chance to watch barcelona playing live. For a soccer fan -a huge one- like myself, This is a dream becoming true. I had 0% chance of this happening to me in Jordan, and I couldnt afford the tickets to visit spain and watch such a match.

FC Barcelona, live, next month. I am so happy. I used to tell my friends I am sad because I dont have a summer vacation, and I have to study all the time. But now, I consider this one day trip to Yokohama a whole summer vacation for me... :)

I am NOT a barcelona fan. I am a chelsea FC fan. But Barcelona is worth watching anyway, dont u think? :)


Maher said...

Barcelona are a great team with great players!
especially MessiDona!

i once had the honour of watching Real Madrid and AC Milan Games..
And that was a lifetime experiance.

Hope that you'll enjoy it!

KHM said...

Get me many autographs and pictures dude !!

Sami said...

neyyalak , + u like messi and prefer barca on real , so u can b a fan of barca smhow :)

Mohammad Wael Bushnaq said...

sanad keef al mobara2 did u go e-mail me nisma3 minnak zamaan ma simi3na minnak ya seedi

Sami said...

Barca fans are so many

god bless you all :)