Saturday, 14 April 2007

Cards, Cards, Cards!!!

Really! Everything operates on magnetic cards in here!

I am only 2 weeks old in tokyo, & I already have 5 cards.

- card for the train.
- card for the lab.
- card for the lodge entrance.
- card for the internet activation in my room.
- card for my lodge room.

The sweetest thing is that u dont have to take any of those cards out of ur wallet. You just put ur wallet infront of any card reader & it will read the corresponding card automatically. WOW!


Kanji_chan said...

well i'm 20 year old in Jordan and i have my ID card, my University ID card and my Driving license!and non is magnetic! how cool is that? hehehe
I only use magnetic cards in vacations where u have ur card for ur room in the hotel, but still u need 2 slide them in their slots! ^^

Hala said...

Well that is really cool, you do not need keys then :P

Anonymous said...

Really cool , I like that Idea

Sami said...