Friday, 20 April 2007

The University of Tokyo

This is my University, The University of Tokyo. What you see in the picture is the main building in it & called Yasuda Auditorium. This is the main campus of the university (Hongo Campus) out of five campuses, & its twice as big as the University of Jordan in size.

According to wikipedia, the University of Tokyo was established in 1877. It teaches every academic subjects available. Some of my friends are studying Masters degree in "Fish"eries. wow! The university is ranked among the top 20 universities over the world in general & is the 2nd best in Science & Engineering, according to the official university ranking website, here.

This university is the absolute best in Japan. It is well known for its huge red gate, that you can see in the pictures. When I first went to the university, I used help to get there, asking about the akamon, or the red gate. Everybody knew it & they were even surprised that I dont know it. When I got there I found that Japanese people themselves take photos infront of that gate. They are very proud to be students of the akamon, as they call themselves.

Look at that picture. This lake is in the middle of the university. OH MY GOD I love it. It has the most beautiful view I have ever seen in my life. It has a new green color that I never saw before, really! Some sort of yellow green that doesnt exist at least in Jordan. Students come here to relax & enjoy their time. No wonder they become inventors at the end.


Anonymous said...

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Manno said...

God i'm really impressed.. beautiful..

Hala said...

I love the pictures, wonderful. You make me want to go to Japan :P

Anonymous said...

My future uni *sobs* wish you all the luck in there buddy!!! study for you and i!! and teach me some Japanese, ne? <3 xD