Saturday, 14 April 2007

Technology in the land of technology..

Technology here is freakin cheap!!

I have 24Mbps ADSL in my room (3.5MB/s dload & around 700KB/s upload), only for 20JDs a month.

XBOX360 premium system is sold for 210JDs.

Nintendo DS is for 75JDs & PSP is for around 120JDs.

aaaaaah I wanna buy everything...

I just cant :(


Kanji_chan said...

....... buuuhuuuuu want tooo!>_<

Sami said...


great prices , I wish also I get 'em for that price

Hala said...

LOL technology freak! :P

How do you handle it? :D

Mohammad Wael Bushnaq said...

how bout PS3

Musa said...

Well that's great. I wouldn't die if i din't eat or drink but i would if i didnt play games :P No serioulsy!!

osaid said...

la 7aki fadi !
512 k :sob: