Saturday, 14 April 2007


Shibuya is a shopping place in tokyo that is used for hanging out. You find many young people in there having fun. Its a great place actually.

I can reach shibuya only in 3min by train. Great!

You can notice how organized the japanese people are, when u see them waiting for the traffic light to be green just like in this video, taken from


pesse said...

1000 bani adam :D

neyyalak nshalla u'll have so much fun w u'll have so much to benefit from japan :give:

alla yes3edak:)

Kanji_chan said...

hahahaha! :D :D
thats really great! this is one of the MANY things that makes me respect Japan and be so much addicted to this country!
SUGOI! (^o^)

Kanji_chan said...

by the way, doesnt that make you wish that you have the power to change the mentality of people here?
i know our country has a lot of good and fine people with healthy mentalities, but unfortunately most of the time, bad ones destroy the good image.
wut do u think?

Sami said...

I wish we be like this , it is a dream !!!

And yes I can easily understand why you laughed :)

Hala said...

Hehehe, imagine this scene in Jordan :D

I love the people, they are cute like dolls ^_^