Sunday, 15 April 2007

Shinjuku & Al Halal shop..

We went to Shinjuku to do some shopping. Shinjuku appears in the accompanied pic.

We got lost, so we asked a Japanese guy who was riding a bicycle. To our surprised he didnt just tell us where to go, but also walked with us until we reached the place!! wow how polite!!!

On another hand, we visited a Halal shop close to shinjuku, so we can buy some meat. The owner of that shop was angry such that he reminded me with Amman. He barely answered our questions & was really impolite!!

I am not sure anymore if Arabs like to act like this or it is muslims or what!!!!


osaid said...

lol, in every community u wod encounter gd and bad ppl..

Hala said...

I agree with Osaid, but why was he angry again?! :|

Sami said...

:) He became Angry because you made him remember Amman :) lol

Manno said...

Arabs are Arabs wherever they go! same attitude!