Saturday, 14 April 2007

OK, the main goal behind this blog..

I am actually against blogging, & having people publish their own private life in public.

But when I received the scholarship to Japan, I searched the net for MONTHS trying to find useful info about the life in here & I couldnt find alot.

I am doing this to help those after me find some useful info about Japan, in case anybody needs that.



Kanji_chan said...

Well blogging is not only about publishing your personal life, u can publish ur thoughts and beliefs too!

Anyway, nice from you to overcome your blogging-dislike for the good of those who'll come after you!;)
(thnx bi esem el jamee3! :D )
& trust me we need it, even the japan freak me is learning new stuff about Japan( ^_')b

Anonymous said...

HOPE U'RE HAVING A GREAT TIME,I need to ask u whether u got a scholarship or not,and if u didnt get one who much do u pay?
good luck

subzero said...

hey anonymous,

yes its a scholarship.

YES im having a good time, thanx.

Hala said...

Wel I do not know why you are against blogging. It can be about anything and everything, not only personal lives.

Anyway, I am happy you are blogging; I just love Japan.

Keep it up :D

osaid said...

lovely blog ! i know im commenting downwards! bs codnt come online.

nice to hear from u and keep it up !

Anonymous said...

that's great :D
did u admit to it through amid east or what? coz im thinking of studying outside
thank u for answering me my friend