Sunday, 15 April 2007

PS3, XBOX360 and the Wii..

OK, lets get into the console war!

Ofcourse I visited some games shops while shopping around shinjuku. I was able to play Devil May Cry 4. Ill say my comments on that later on.

The pics show the prices for the consoles in Japan. The 360 premium system is sold for 300$ (400$ in the US) & the PS3 60GB system is sold for 500$ (600$ in the US). The Wii is sold for about 200$. Cheap prices. I might buy a 360 when I have some time to play - probably never!!!!! :( -


osaid said...

Yea let me know abt devil may cry 4, and if its on ps3 ? ill get my console soon !!

i think u shod arrange ur duties, life is short .!

Tariku san said...

well for your info. DMC4 is on XBOX 360, PS3, and PC.

And Sanad san was the demo any good?

Hala said...

LOL @ arrange your duties :P they are only games :D

Okay this is obviously not as important to me as it is to you lol :)

Sami said...

oh plz Man , Great stuff

Awesome prices

After what i saw yesterday I want 360 it is the best :(