Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Some pictures..

As promised I promised before, I present you the following pictures:

Japanese people love tea very much. (Arabs love it too, right?) But they love it in any form: cold, hot, or mixed with anything. You can see in the pic how many types of tea they have. Everything in the bridge next to the water bottles is nothing but tea.

Good Morning Tokyo! In tokyo, 15million population. Another 15million arrive by trains every morning. So never expect to have an empty seat in the train between 7am & 9am. Look at the picture. This is considered an empty train btw, because you still have some space. Really!!!

Tenya! Tenya is a popular resturant in Japan that sells Japanese food. Fish & rice. I tried it once its very good. But people told me it would be much more delicious if I try the special dressing with the rice. I didnt try it because it contains alcohol. Well, I am satisfied with the taste as it is. :)

Thanx Ahmad for the professional pics, again.


Daoud Elec. said...

السلام عليك
شكرا سند على الصور .. بعد مرور الستةشهور القادمة ممكن أقدم على امتحان الثقافة اليابانية(؛
هاي مشاركتي التانيه
هيني رديت عليك و شاركت .

LotusGem said...

I am not sure that it is correct to say Tenya sells Japanese food. It should say Tenya sells food ... because already Japan over there.


Hala said...

I love the passion in your posts and how excited you are while talking about staying in Japan.

I like the pictures, and the food looks really yummy, I have always liked Japanese and Asian cuisines.

By the way, your picture looks cute :)

Kanji_chan said...

and yummy! :D

Sami said...

Great thing About tea , btw I dont like it hot so may I like it cold more .

Trains full , ok we have buses full as about your full train ( as you remember ) big ones very slow moves half of the city makes you feel you are sick and the time inside bus is slower than outside ........etc " waj3et raas "

The food seems delicious but that is really a problem that it contains alcohol , I wish this problem be solved , " Ya3ni law Karam fata7 neer you I think your problem is solved :) looool "

Anonymous said...

you have no idea how much i would pay to go to japan, bjd i feel i belong there...:)